Developing the habit of excellence

A company built on the belief that being connected can change the world.

Here at Alkaram Studio, our values sit at the heart of everything we do. Our team strives to provide a customer experience built around quality, eclecticism and innovation.

Mehvish Waliany

Chief Operating Officer

“We are a team of enthusiastic, creative people with a great learning attitude.

Our teams here share ethos and values of humility and integrity and we encourage ownership and risk-taking along with a curated culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement to achieve our goals.

We have a positive culture that we have so painstakingly built here and to help us achieve new heights. Join the Alkaram Tribe as a means of personal and professional growth.”

Junaid ur Rehman

Head of Finance

Junaid ur Rehman started his journey with Alkaram Studio in 2023. He truly values the brand’s policy of welcoming emerging talents only to transform them into exquisite professionals.

He chose the field of Chartered Accountancy both for its growth potential and the fact that it opens doors of the corporate world to its denizens. He completed his Article ship at KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co. Chartered Accountants in 2016. Intense hard work and a refusal to give up have served Junaid well in his professional journey. He continued to prove himself as the Manager of Finance at a leading retail fashion brand. Junaid was promoted to Financial Controller relatively quickly. It was then that he decided to join Alkaram Studio as Head of Finance. Aside from his untiring efforts, he credits his parents’ blessings that kept him motivated and helped him achieve unheard-of success at a relatively young age.

The people at Alkaram have a lot of professionalism, respect, and value to share. I, too, am here with the expertise to take the brand even further. I’m confident that my experience in the retail sector and the fashion industry will help us all grow bigger and better that much faster.

Izzah Khan

Head of Human Resource

Izza brings with her more than 15 years of diverse industry experience, having worked in sectors including pharmaceuticals and media. In her previous role as Associate Director of Human Resources at Eli Lilly Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., she led comprehensive HR functions, overseeing policy development and implementation, nationwide talent and performance management, and organizational development initiatives.

Currently, Izza is collaborating with Alkaram Studio to design impactful HR and Administration strategies, develop policies, enhance processes, and foster transparency and collaboration within our company culture. Her expertise and dedication contribute significantly to our ongoing efforts to strengthen our organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.

Raheel Ahmed Khan

Chief Supply Chain Officer

As a highly experienced professional in the textile industry, Raheel Ahmed Khan has spent the past 14 years working in the export business and successfully implementing best practices in the supply chain of the textile industry. He began his career as a fabric merchandiser, internal auditor, and system analyst at Joe’s Fashion, before moving on to hold various leadership roles in the supply chain and sourcing departments. With the help of his teams, he has implemented a variety of strategies such as VOI/VMI based procurement, SPMS, MRP functions, Stage gate, and SLA compliance. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success in the export business back, it wasn’t stepping out of the comfort zone for him so much as it was stepping into an entirely different zone! Yet, he took the plunge.


In December 2022, he joined Alkaram Studio as a departmental head in the Supply Chain department, where he is eager to continue honing his skills and taking on new challenges in the retail market.

I joined Alkaram Studio after having an exposure from five export oriented organizations.

Alkaram Studio approach towards innovation and positive work culture is appealing. The company is in a phase of growth and people are ready to move beyond diversity, which will surely result in making things better in all aspects.

I feel proud to be the part of Alkaram Studio journey and look forward to contribute further with such a bright and hardworking team, to improve systems, processes and continue to promote positive culture where people can express/share ideas and make this organization even better.

Madiha Khan

Head of Design

Madiha rejoined Alkaram Studio as the Head of Design in September 2022. By way of background, Madiha had previously worked with Alkaram Studio for 3 years and had taken a short career break to focus on her family. In her new stint, Madiha says Alkaram not only welcomed her with open arms but it is an organization which offers everyone an equal opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Madiha feels her learning has augmented exponentially, and there has been a lot of cross functional exposure as a result of her interaction with peers.

 “I look forward to showing up for work every day because of my amazing team! I work with some of the brightest, hardworking and passionate people that push the needle to achieve the organizational objectives. Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional life.

Saad Ahmed

Head of Retail Sales

Saad is a seasoned business professional with over a decade experience in retail. He is an IBA – Alumni and have Graduate certification in Data analytics from Durham College, Canada. He worked in leadership position at various National and Multinational Organizations; managing leading brands with different business models.

He is a motivated self-starter who has expertise in Retail Sales, Operations and Strategic business management. He is committed, pro-active and has a proven track record of managing, collaborating and motivating successful and productive teams, and thrives in highly pressurized and challenging work environment.

Saad has a long association with Alkaram Studio and used to be a part of the leadership team when Alkaram Studio started the Retail journey back in 2012. He has now rejoined the brand in January 2023 and is looking forward to take the brand to new heights.

Nida Siddiqui

Head of E-Commerce

Nida Siddiqui started off her career as a digital strategist. She decided to set foot in the E-Commerce industry after she realized that numbers, innovation and pressure on YOY entices her. What keeps her going is the continuous learning process that comes with the ongoing technological advancements along with the obligation to continuously adapt.

Nida joined Alkaram Studio back in May, 2022. She describes the culture of Alkaram Studio to be very progressive, friendly and non-toxic, as a result of which she easily gelled in it. Being a risk taker by nature, Alkaram Studio is a great fit, the culture here promotes experimenting in order to heap fruitful results.

She started her career in the E-Commerce industry in a startup and laddered up to the brand side; from structuring and developing operational procedures for the E-Business, she has had a flavor of them all. Hence, we knew that Nida Siddiqui will be a value addition and an ideal fit for the role of re-structuring and the development of Alkaram Studio’s E-business.

The learning that comes with rapid technological advancement and the constant need to adapt to the changes in order to succeed in terms of ascending numbers, while, proficiently catering to the consumer demand, makes my job super exciting.

Urooj Ahmed

Head of Marketing

With over 12 years of experience in marketing, Urooj started her career in digital marketing and progressed into a seasoned brand strategist with extensive omni-channel expertise in brand building. In her previous role as Head of Marketing Communications at Daraz Pakistan, Urooj spearheaded the successful rebranding and repositioning of Daraz. She was instrumental in preserving the brand’s essence and ensuring consistency across all channels.

Prior to joining Daraz, Urooj held key positions at prominent agencies, where she managed notable clients including Unilever, Nestle, Jazz, Coca-Cola, FrieslandCampina, and P&G. Her proficiency as an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Growth specialist is demonstrated by her adeptness in integrating online and offline channels to drive client growth and success.